Casinos On Friends

The Portrayal Of Casinos On Friends

FRIENDS happens to be one of the best TV shows on the planet, and even though it has been almost 2 decades since it ended, its popularity only seems to increase daily. The 6 stars of the show still receive royalties for the show, and honestly, they deserve all the fame for playing such wonderful characters. It also happens to be the show that you should watch when you are sad, happy or in whatever mode, because it is a show for every single mood. It has 10 seasons, and it also proved to be one of the most successful in its time as well. When it was adding, it won so many awards. The show follows the lives of six very good friends who live in The Village in New York City.

Casinos On Friends

1. In the show, there are a couple of episodes that actually show casinos, and we get a perspective as to how casinos are portrayed on this show. In most of the scenes, they show casinos in Las Vegas.
The scenes are actually very funny, and it suddenly gets you thinking about casinos, if you have never been to one before. There are a couple of episodes where they show the characters gambling as well.

When Joey gets offered a role for a movie that has been shot in Las Vegas, he obviously goes for it. Chandler and Monica also decided to go to Las Vegas, to surprise Joy. Looking at this particular plan, Phoebe, Ross and Rachel plan to go to Las Vegas as well. They all decided to surprise Joy. Ross and Rachel fly separately. When they reach Las Vegas, they are surprised to see Joy dressed as a gladiator and working in Caesar’s Palace, instead of shooting his movie. He later reveals to the rest of his friends that his movie did not have any money to shoot, and the production of the movie was put on hold.

It shows that you can actually go and work in a casino and that a casino wouldn’t be a nice place to work, because of its lively and fine meant. You can actually end up making decent money in a casino; I am not talking about gambling.

Las Vegas

2. On the same trip, Monica and Chandler decided to get married. As you know, Las Vegas is filled with wedding chapels, where people can actually get legally married. In many of the scenes, you can see Monica and Chandler play a fantastic game of roulette, where Monica happens to be very lucky. It also shows that you need luck on your side, to play the game of roulette. The portrayal of casinos is actually very lighthearted and fun, which is exactly how you should construe casinos.