Upon entering the grounds of Chateau Földváry, you are transcended into a world of magic, beauty, luxury and perfect harmony.

Upon crossing the threshold, guests can take in the wonderful ambience, and find peace in nature and within themselves. Chateau Földváry is a place to celebrate and embrace all that is beautiful, a place to enlighten and cherish the soul and find peace, something we all need in our busy modern world.
The Chateau’s rooms and grounds are all designed to transport guests into ‘another world’, where the hustle and stress of modern day life can be entirely forgotten.

On the following pages, we will take you on our journey.
A journey of history, romance and unforgettable experiences.

Chateau Földváry is in itself a true creation. The Chateau’s beauty and historical charm makes it a perfect venue for not just grandiose wedding receptions, but also classic yet highly sophisticated simplistic wedding occasions, birthday party’s, and many more events, in harmony with our clients requirements.

We believe our mansion can charm all the senses, calm all minds and fill all with positive energy,
no matter what their needs may be.


Recently, here at Chateau Földváry, we have once again upgraded our services and refined our philosophy, so that we may now proudly call ourselves a “Small Eco Luxury Boutique Hotel”.
For cleaning we only use eco-friendly products, without toxic substances. Starting from the cleaning process of the bed linen and towels, where we exclusively rely on the power of high quality eco-friendly cleaning agents, up to the ironing process with ecological irons: We are incredibly thorough and even disinfect using high quality organic eco-friendly substances.
Also the Ayuspa wellness area is cleaned this way and the outdoor pool is cleaned with chlorine-free eco-friendly agents, in the form of active oxygen, since we realized that chlorine irritates the skin and weakens the eyesight.
Also in our organic cuisine, in addition to high quality raw materials, we use ecological cleaning agents to help keep our kitchen area spotless and chemical free. The way we prepare our dishes shows that we take extra special care, time and love, since it is our primary goal to constantly exceed ourselves in the world of culinary arts. Most of our menu is prepared without the addition of gluten, lactose or refined sugar: Our first class home cooked meals are thus prepared with fresh and healthy ingredients deriving directly from our very own organic garden. In addition to various plants, which we directly grow on the grounds of our lovely Chateau Park, we also grow organic fruits and vegetables on private fields in southern Slovakia.
The kitchen ensures the supply of their own vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, aubergines, courgettes and cucumbers. Some of the home grown fruits include: Mirabelle plums, grapes, apples, pears, and cherries.
Naturally, high quality cuisine must include fresh herbs, which are indispensable elements when preparing any kind of dishes, savory or sweet alike. Some of the herbs we grow are: Mint, lemon balm, sage, lavender, dill, ginger, and parsley. These are just some of the basic ingredients we use to prepare our organic, seasonal and local ingredient dishes, which we serve at our lovely restaurant, La Noblesse.
La Noblesse Restaurant, the Portofino Bar and the Gentlemen’s Club, are outstanding for their exclusive atmosphere and incomparable style.